SpadeSnFriends League Rules

The following rules are specific to SNF, and may vary from Cases and MyLeague Rules.

SNF is a Teams league playing in Safe Harbor Games. SNF offers a variety of Team and Tournament play including regular and some alt games. All alt games hosted in SNF MUST be on the Safe Harbor Drop Down List.

Our goal is to maintain an honest, fair, friendly, family oriented team spades league.

SNF encourages the friendly yet competitive nature of a spades ladder. Sportsmanship is the top priority.

By joining SNF, you have chosen to uphold the ideals that make this league unique.
To join SNF, visit and click on the Free Sign-Up.


All players must be a member of SNF to play or pal in SNF.
To register for a tournament a player must be on a team.
Your e-mail address must be valid and cannot be the same as any other member of SNF.
Your Ladder Name must match your Safe Harbor Games Name, to include spaces, underscores and other keyboard characters. An exception to this rule is CAPS or non-caps.
If your Ladder name is offensive to other users or contains profanity, you will be asked to change it, or your account will be removed.
It is illegal for one person to have multiple accounts or be on multiple teams.

CODE OF CONDUCT The Number 1 Rule in SNF is to have fun! The definition of fun is enjoying a game of spades with friends in a relaxing, peaceful and respectful atmosphere!
Be respectful at all times!
Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it fair, and keep it friendly.
SNF will not tolerate player actions not conducive to our friendly atmosphere.
You may not talk about subjects relating to illegal drugs or its usage in the lobby.
Conversations must avoid profanity and abbreviations standing for profanity. Alternate spelling or partial masking of inappropriate language will be reprimanded in the same manner as the actual use of such words.
Language which talks about or insinuates sexual acts or preference will not be allowed in Racial, ethnic, political or religious slurs/debates will not be allowed
SNF is an English-speaking league. Out of respect to all players, please refrain from extensive conversations, other than greetings, in other languages in the lobby, and at game tables.
It is every member's responsibility to see that SNF remains a pleasant and fun place for all to enjoy. You may not bait or insult, a player, admin, or TD.
User names should follow the Code of Conduct.
This is a family league so please remember that in your conversations!


DO NOT at any time harass, inflame, or attack any player on this league or any other league in the lobby, pm's, or at the tables! If any player asks you to stop sending them private messages and you do not stop.. that is harassment!!!!
This will not only get you booted from the lobby but will also put you at risk for suspension from the league!
We are here to have fun and it is NOT fun to see someone being attacked.If some one attacks you or you see some one being attacked in the lobby immediately pm an administrator and let them handle the situation.

Respectful lobby: 

Most Safe Harbor and cases rules apply concerning behavior in our SNF Lobby. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for any lobby disruptions that evokes negativity towards the league or players. It is the responsibility of all members of SNF to ensure the lobby remains a pleasant place for anyone to be in or watch at all times. Remember you can always put players on ignore and you will not see what they type in the lobby or at tables and they will not be able to see what you type either. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity (including abbreviations), sexual content (such as explicit language, innuendo or reference to sexual preference). There is to be no talk about illegal drugs or any type of illegal activities, racial, ethnic, religious slurs, or conversations of a political nature. If you are asked to stop in the lobby and do not honor that request, you will have received your only warning and can expect a gag. If you continue after the gag, then you will receive a penalty box. Please remember to always type in lower case font. All CAPS is a sign of shouting and some are offended by it. (If you have trouble with your eye sight, let admin know, and it will be excused.) 

Tournaments The rules for tournaments are determined by the SpadeSnFriends admin. team. No games are to be hosted that are not on Safe Harbors drop down list in the SNF league. If you click on the link for a specific tournament you will see a summary of that tourney on every tournament page. Every tournament page has RULES link where you can read the rules for SNF tournaments. 

Transfer of Stats: 

SpadesNFriends League will transfer stats but only if you are no longer in the league you are transferring stats from. If you are remaining in more than one league your stats can not be transferred. 

Resetting Stats: 

It is against SNF rules to withdraw and sign back up to reset stats. You will be issued a warning the first time and afterwards your account may be locked for continuing to do this. If you wish to have your stats reset, please contact any of the Admin who would be more than happy to reset them for you. You are allowed to have your stats reset once every 24 hours. Teams are allowed to have their stats reset once per week. 

Changing Nic: 

If you wish to have your nic changed, you may do so by going into My Account on the main page of SNF. If you are unsure, then please feel free to ask any of the Admin who can change it for you. Once you change a nic, you have to wait a week (7 days) before you can change it again. It is against SNF rules to withdraw and sign back up to change your nic. 


SNF is an open league. SNF does not require an interview before starting a team.
The Captain is responsible for reading and signing the Captain's Agreement in order to know what is expected of a team.
The Captains are responsible for the actions of their team members and are expected to uphold the values and rules of the league.
To start a team, the Captain needs to add the (Friend) plus have at least one other player.
Maximum Team size is 50, including Pal.
Minimum team size is 2 players, plus the Pal (except for grand fathered teams).
New teams are under a 90 day probation period.

Team actions and complaints

All complaints must be sent to Admin at with a cc to their team Captain. Administration will return, without action, any complaints that are submitted improperly. Chats need to be logged or captured, not copy/pasted.


Recruiting by Captains or league members from other teams within this league , either in the lobby or by private message, will not be tolerated. If you are approached while in SNF by someone recruiting for another team, then capture chat and send it to the admin email link on the SNF main page.
Before asking another player to join your team you should look up the players nic to see if they already belong to a team in SNF. To see whether or not a player is already on a team, go to the Find Player option in the left hand menu on the SNF main page.


If you are a member in the same household or workplace where you play, you must notify your captain and Admin using the admin. email link on the SNF main page.Please submit ladder nics and team names of all involved.
Members of the same household may not play at the same table unless assigned to opp each other in a tourney.
Same household players may only kibitz each other at a game table.
Changes of nics of same household individuals need to be reported to Admin.
Temporary moves or travel from the household do not change the same household status.
Same Household partnering may result in penalties or possible removal from the league.


When advertising in the lobby, state the game format, the number of hands , and whether the game is ndn or all bids. Example: Reg All Bids 8 H all rounds.
Tables 1 and 2 are prohibited for games. These tables are reserved for use by Tournament Hosts and Pal Changers.
Etiquette and good manners dictates that you do not advertise in the lobby for a specific game format while someone else is also advertising for the same exact format.If you do not wish to play against those already advertising, wait until they get a game before starting to advertise for your game.
Game starts once all four people are seated, thumbs up and table opens.

Before the game starts one player from each team must state team name such as: TN xxx and if a pal is being used, TN xxx with yyy as my pal.
Game, hands, nbn/all bids should be posted on game table before bidding.
If the format is set wrong, it will be a reseat to same table up until the end of Hand 1.
If the table is set wrong a second time then players must reseat at the same table but in different seats so, the table may be set by some one else, to prevent the table from intentionally being set wrong by any player.
If Hand 2 has been dealt the game must be completed as set.
If your SCORE IS TIED at the end of the game, regardless of the number of bags, play one more hand or until game shows over, whichever comes first, without reseating.

One player from each team MUST stay at the table until the report is made.
It would be favorable if all four players would stay, but if you MUST leave, then please post at the table that you need to leave.
IF a player is not on the team roster before the end of the game being played, the PAL will be used when posting the loss or win.
If a player or pal is not a member of SNF before the end of the game, it will be considered a no-game and no report will be posted.

Table talk is making a comment about the cards while the hand is being played that could affect the outcome of the game. No Table Talk is allowed by players or kibitzers, while the hand is in play,that will affect the outcome of the game.
This also includes, but is not limited to games when forced nils are in the game format. One example would be (but is not limited to) -- If format is suicide, you cannot say anything that would indicate that you don't have a nil hand/or have the ace of spades.
When a player nils, that player can not say ANY thing to draw attention to their nil. The player that goes nil must wait until any other player at the table has said gln, before the nil player can say any thing concerning his/or her nil.
Do not hold up the game by discussing the game strategy of any player including your own partner. This should be done in private before or after the game.
If a person calls table talk, that person needs to stop playing immediately and call an ADMIN. (not wait until the hand has been played out)
State the comment they believe to be table talk at the table after admin arrives. The admin called will assess the table talk situation. After the facts are gathered a host may confirm table talk , or may ask you to continue the game so that the admin team can rule on the matter at a later time. IF the admin. team rules that TT is determined to be the correct call, all stats will be adjusted, if needed at that time.
SUB A sub may be any member of the league in good standing, whether on a team or a free agent. A player who is changed to a team for a tournament is not a sub but becomes an original player for that tournament. A sub takes the place of a player who is booted etc. PALS

A pal is a league member who plays for a different team for a tournament. Once added to a team, a PAL is an original member of that team during the tournament. NOT A SUB) A pal can also be some one that partners a player in a lobby game who is not on their team. RENEGE BUTTON

Safe Harbor Games has provided the renege button on the table, if a person misbids, that player has to click renege and go on to next hand.

Showing Cards and Kibitzers (person watching a game.)

SHOWING cards is allowed, but is up to the discretion of the player whether to open their cards. If the opponents ask you to close your cards, close them immediately. If you kibitz and your team is playing in that game you MUST kibitz your own team.
Watchers may NOT carry on a lengthy conversations.Lengthy conversations are very distracting and the players need to be able to concentrate.

Always play in a timely manner.
It is against SNF rules to be playing more than one game at a time under any circumstances any where.
If the opponents have to asked you to speed it up more than two times the opponent may call the host to the table. The host will take into consideration if the person is having issues. If the host asks you to speed up and you DO NOT this could result in a DISQUALIFICATION. The only exception to this rule is if the host is reporting a game.
We would like to ask for your patience as SHG is having a lot of issues with lags and boots

Players must bid before taking a BRB. Please ask for HLC when possible, and try and take all BRB's at the end of the hand.
A player has 5 mins per BRB and is allowed 3 brbs. If the player thinks they need more than 5 mins for any brb a sub is required. Please post in lobby the time when any player takes a brb so the total of mins can be counted. There are three 5-minute brbs as some of us have health issues Boots

Due to the numerous booting problems through out SHG we have taken out any DQ for booting, at least until this issue is solved. A player has a total of 10 mins per game for boots. If your partner is booted and does not come back quickly go ahead and ask for a sub. When your partner returns they may resume the game at the end of the hand, if they have not depleted the total 10 minutes per game time limit

MASS BOOTS (FULL ROOM BOOT) = When all 4 players are removed from room and NO ONE has the opportunity to get scores, bags, and hands played, games are VOID. LOBBY FLOODING & MACROS If you are not a TD or Radio Host, make sure any macros you may use are not over 3 lines.
Purposely flooding the lobby is against the rules and may result in you being gagged from talking in the lobby.
It is against SNF rules to block a player, so if you have a player blocked and they cannot sit at the table because you have them blocked, it will be a DQ for the team that has the player blocked.

It is cheating, if at ANY TIME after the game has started, you are proven to be communicating, (or attempting to communicate) with your partner about game strategy, or telling your partner how to play while the game is in progress.
It is cheating if you are proven to be manipulating the ladder system. This includes, but is not limited to, playing with two different names at the same time or partnering someone who has a same household account, with the intention to gain advantage in the game.
It is cheating if you are proven to be using any type of outside program that would give you an unfair advantage over the other players. This includes, but is not limited to, Card Counters.
It is cheating if you are watching a game and are "coaching" players by any means, (private message, phone, etc.), on how to play during the game.
PROVEN intentional cheaters will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. There will be no second chances.
An accusation without proof is NOT acceptable.
Proof includes, but is not limited to, a screen shot of any messaging system used to communicate, or a copy of the table chat showing cards or instructions typed into the chat, or similar proof of cheating.
IMPORTANT: If you have proof that someone is cheating, STOP PLAYING. CALL FOR AN ADMIN TO YOUR TABLE and let them handle it from there.
IMMEDIATELY take a screen shot of your proof, the table, and log chat. DO NOT CONTINUE the game unless Admin asks you to do so.
If no Admin are available, BOTH TEAMS should copy the game chat and immediately email the chat and screen shots to their Team Captains and to Admin.
Teams/Players turning in their own players/partners for cheating will not be penalized.

It is a very serious matter to accuse some one of cheating. Please refrain from making any comments about cheating what so ever.
Any unfounded accusations or insinuations that a player is a cheater, that cannot be supported by proof, will result in up to a 5 day box, left to admin. discretion.
Repeated offenses will result in escalated penalties or possible removal from SNF.
TOP RANKS AND FAIR PLAY The #1 team must play #2 as soon as possible.
Failure to do so will cause #1 to be rung 10 spaces to #11 on the ladder. Let's keep the top ranks active and fair.
If you are a top ranked team, give all teams a shot, not only those ranked immediately below or above you. Teams found to be playing only top teams will be dropped to the bottom of the ladder for "rank hounding".

There are exceptions to EVERY rule. Without exceptions there would be a need for MORE rules.
In other words, if it is not written here or in the penalty guidelines, it does NOT mean it is allowed.
It does NOT mean you will not be penalized/boxed/rung/banned just because it is not written. What it means is that if it "doesn't feel right to you," you probably should not say or do it.
*** Most Safe Harbor and Cases rules concerning behavior applies in our lobby.***

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