All SpadesNFriends Rules will be followed for every tournament.

1. Host Table: If you are playing in a tournament you must be at host table 1. All tournament rules, assignments, calling tables ,and reports are made at host table 1. Host table 1 will be open 30 mins prior to start time

2. Pal Table: Table 2 is for pal changing. If you need a pal or you want to be a pal, go to table 2 and let the pal changer know .
Tournament times are 7, 9, and 11 pm. eastern time. SNF wants every one to get to play!!!! Please get signed up early to ensure you get to play.

3. Blocking: It is against SNF rules to block a player, so if you have a player blocked and they cannot sit at the table because you have them blocked, it will be a DQ for the team that has the player blocked.

4. Starting the Tournament: When there are four full teams we will start on time. If there is not four full teams and the fourth team needs a pal, we have 10 minutes to find a pal. It is up to the tournament host whether to cancel or use the extra 10 mins. If any tournament has to be cancelled please request table games. Be in the room and have a team signed up early enough for a pal to be found,if needed, to insure you get to play

5. STARTING A MATCH: You must be at host table one. Once your match is posted on host table 1 by the host, you only have 5 minutes to start your game or it will be a DQ. The only exception is when the host is playing in the tournament has to check all tables. Do not call your opps to a table until all matches have been posted by the host, including matches between rounds.

6. Table Setting. The table needs to be set for the correct game. If the table is not set correctly you must reseat at the same table. If the table is set wrong and not noticed until players are on the second hand, the game must be completed as set with no reseat. If the table is not set for the correct number of hands this does not call for a reseat. Just stop the game after the proper number of hands has been completed.. In event of a tie, play one more hand or until game shows it is over regardless of the number of bags.

7. ALT Games. While our League is primarily a Reg. Spades League we want to make our members happy. Alt games may be hosted from the drop down list in SNF only. All games in the drop dowm menu are formatted so there can be no misbid. 8.TABLE TALK: No Table Talk is allowed by players or kibitzers ,while the hand is in play,that will affect the outcome of the game. Do not hold up the game by discussing the game strategy of any player including your own partner. This should be done in private before or after the game.

9. SHOWING CARDS: Opening cards is allowed, but is up to the discretion of the player. If the opponents ask you to close your cards close them immediately. If you kibitz and your team is playing in that game you MUST kibitz your own team.

10. RENEGE BUTTON: Remember since the Renege button is on table, the person that misbids, has to click renege and go on to next hand.

11. SLOW PLAY: If the opponents have to asked you to speed it up more than two times the opponent may call the host to the table. The host will take into consideration if the person is having issues. If the host asks you to speed up and you DO NOT this could result in a DISQUALIFICATION. The only exception to this rule is if the host is reporting a game. We would like to ask for your patience as SHG is having a lot of issues with lags and boots.

12. BOOTING: Due to the numerous booting problems through out SHG we have taken out any DQ for booting, at least until this issue is much better. A player has 10 mins total per game for a boot. If your partner is booted and does not come back quickly go ahead and ask for a sub. When your partner returns they may resume the game at the end of the hand, if they have not depleted the 10 minutes per game time limit

13. Be Right Back: A player has 5 mins per BRB and is allowed 3 brbs. If the player thinks they need more than 5 mins for any brb please get a sub.Please post in lobby the time when any player takes a brb so the total of mins can be counted. There are three 5-minute brbs as some of us have health issues

14. SUBS: A sub can be anyone who is not a banned player. Regardless if they have subbed before or not and can be a player in tournament with a bye, if no sub is available in lobby. Due to our league being small this will prevent numerous DQ's. All teams must have 1 original player that registered in the tournament.When a pal is changed to a team, then the pal becomes an original member of that team for the tournament and is not a sub. If both original players are booted and 2 subs are needed at the same time to finish a game it’s an automatic DQ.. If a Sub is required due to a player depleting the 10 minutes per game time limit, then a sub must finish the TC.

15. HOST: All host's decisions are final during a tournament. DO NOT ARGUE WITH the HOST or delay the tournament. There are no mistakes that cannot be corrected after the tournament is over even, mistakes made by a host.
If you refuse to complete a tournament when asked to play by the host, your team will be disqualified from the tournament.
Arguing or refusing to play could result in a 3 day box for the individual.
If you do not understand a ruling then the host and/or admin will handle the problem after the tc.
The Host will open tables 30 mins. before start time.
The Host will check each table for the proper table settings.
All hosts playing in a game must state on table that they posting .

16. REPORTING:Post your report ASAP. The team that wins, reports the match at host table 1. Winners, report as follows: EX: team2 over team3 round 1.
Team listed on top brackets picks table and seats in all rounds except finals. The team listed on top will get table choice, the bottom team will get seat choice for the Final Game.

17. PLAYING IN MORE THAN ONE GAME: It is against SNF rules to be playing more than one game at a time under any circumstances any where.

18. MOST IMPORTANT RULES: Always Show Good SNF Sportsmanship and Have FUN.

*** Most Safe Harbor and Cases rules concerning behavior apply in our SNF lobby.***
SHG conduct rules are posted in the menu on the main page under Guidelines.
*** Please understand the the rule preventing same house hold members from partnering together is a Cases Rule. Our League is a cases League. Any League run by cases has that same rule. If same house hold members play as partners they risk their IP address being banned by Cases from cases leagues*** It is not SpadeSnFriends that imposes this rule.***

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